Adoption Support

At some point during your adoption journey, chances are you will need support from outside your family and friends. From straight forward factual advice or worries about behaviour there is support from experienced adopters, others in the same position as you now, as well as social work, education and health colleagues.

Adoption Agencies in this region provide a wide range of services for adopters and take pride in working in partnership with them. Adopters are entitled to an assessment of their support needs at any time. To find out more about the support available in your area contact your local Authority Support Service

You are entitled to:

  • A summary of your child’s health from an adoption medical adviser
  • A ‘life-story’ book to help your child understand their early life
  • Request an assessment of your child’s special educational needs

You may also be entitled to:

  • Free early education for the child from the age of two (Sept 2014)
  • Choose which school best suits your child’s needs
  • Priority access to social housing
  • Discretionary housing payments while waiting for your child
  • Adoption leave and pay when your child is placed with you.

More information about what support you may be able to get can be found in the Adoption Passport

Other kinds of Adoption support

Adoption is a life long journey and support may be needed at any point after your child is placed. Support which is often helpful includes:

  • Counselling, information and advice
  • Help with behavioural problems
  • Money e.g. to help with special care needs, or for former foster parents
  • Help with contact between an adopted child and a member of his or her birth family
  • Meetings and other events to enable groups of adopters and adoptive children to get together, including days to celebrate the achievments of adopted children and their parents.
  • Training to help adopters better understand and meet the needs of your child/ren
  • Short breaks for your child with another carer
  • Help where an adoption is in danger of or does break down

Whether these kinds of support will be available to you will depend on your circumstances but you can ask for an assessment at any time, no matter how long after the adoption.

Your  adoption agency may also be able to help you access other types of support and other specialist services, such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and specialist medical health support.

Your adoption agency will have a lot of information about how their support is arranged. You can also get lots of information from national organisations