Being Family is Changing

Being Family is Changing

Being Family was an initiative by the Yorkshire and Humber Adoption Consortium

The Yorkshire and Humber Adoption Consortium began in the early 1990s to help local authorities find families for children. We ran and supported many projects and adoption initiatives – Being Family is one of these.

However, things are changing. In response to the governments drive to see adoption services delivered on a regional basis the Yorkshire and Humber consortium are now helping to oversee the transition from the current way adoption services are delivered to a new, regional approach.

At a local level you will still see the same social workers and receive the same support, we will be there for you every step of the way as we have always been. We are still the same family of people who worked on Being Family; at our core, we are a group of people – adopters, adoption social workers, support workers, experienced adopters, foster carers and others – who are passionate about ensuring the best outcomes for children and ensuring those wanting to adopt receive the best support, training and advice as they go through the process. But in the future the way we are organised and who we work for will change so we can carry on doing our best for you. One of the biggest changes is that Adopters will be actively helping us to plan the way we deliver our services.

About the Yorkshire and Humber Adoption Consortium.

Our members now include all 15 local authorities in the Yorkshire and Humber area and 7  voluntary adoption agencies and adoption support agencies who work in this area, who have formed the Yorkshire and Humber Voluntary Agencies Alliance. We have been identified by government as a shining example of what good regional services should look like

Together we want to develop and uphold outstanding adoption services across the whole region to achieve greater success in finding and supporting adoptive families. We do this by helping people – both individuals and couples – to better understand the adoption process and to overcome their own anxieties about adopting.

In this way, we help people to see both what they might be able to offer as adoptive parents as well as the personal rewards of being an adoptive parent.

All our members work closely together now and will work even more closely together in the future so we have the best chance of finding matches between children and parents.