Who Can Adopt

Who Can Adopt

More people are eligible to adopt than you might think


We are looking for people who …..

  • Can provide love, time and commitment
  • Empathise with children
  • Be patient and flexible
  • Have stability, energy and health


You might be ……

  • Single, married or unmarried
  • From any ethnic or faith background
  • Heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender
  • A homeowner or living in rented accommodation
  • Employed or unemployed
  • Able Bodied or disabled
  • Any age from 21 up to young enough to be fit enough to cope with the rigours of being a parent until your child is well into adulthood.
  • Have experience of being a parent
  • Be unable to have a birth child

Who can’t adopt?

While adoption is open to more people than many people think, there are some things which automatically exclude you.

Age – you must be over 21.If you are aged under 21 and it is your dream to adopt please don’t give up, consider coming back in a few years.

Location – To adopt in England you must be legally resident in the UK, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, and have been so for at least 12 months. UK citizens living abroad cannot adopt from the UK. If you are unsure about your right of residence contact us.

Criminal record – If you or a member or your household have a criminal conviction or caution for offences against children or vulnerable adults or for serious sexual offenses you will not be able to adopt. Other criminal offenses will not automatically exclude you but they will be taken into consideration during the assessment process, so please be open with your adoption agency from the start. It a matter of how long ago, what you think about it now and whether, if any, your offense might have a bearing on being a parent.