The Matching Process

The Matching Process

Finding the right families for children and the right child/ren for your family

As well as continuing your preparation and learning about being an adoptive parent, now that you are approved as a prospective adopter, you and your social worker can begin the search for a child or children whose needs you will be best able to meet.

Local Authorities are responsible for finding adoptive parents for some of the children in their care and many will be placed with adopters approved by their own adoption agency. However, the purpose of establishing this consortium is to ensure that there is as much choice as possible for every child. Children’s social workers and adoption social workers will be considering prospective adopters in their local area, around the Yorkshire and Humber Region and further afield. The important thing is that they find the right family for each child. Indeed for some children, moving some distance from their birth family can be important for safety reasons.

A child in mind58

In some circumstances it may be that you and your social worker will have been focussing on a particular child from an earlier point before your approval. If that is the case, the child’s social worker will already be aware of you and the formal process of matching can start quite quickly.